Commission – Black Pearl and Diamond White Gold Pendant

Black pearl and diamond gold necklace
Watching Pirates of the Carribean for Halloween?

Hearing about the Black Pearl reminded me of this pendant that I made as a gift for my daughter. I set a small diamond in a white gold v-bail above a beautiful black pearl. It hangs nicely in the above photo on a box chain (kink resistant and good for traveling). It paired very nicely with a pair of black pearl stud earrings.

Interested in a similar project for someone with a birthday coming up? Send me an email (click here).

14kt White Gold Bypass Wedding Ring

This tricky commissioned piece was a compliment to an existing engagement ring. The challenge was to make a wedding ring that would match a bypass ring band, as opposed to a normal round band.

The first step was to make a wax model that wrapped around on opposite sides of the existing ring. My solution was to make a bar at the base to hold the two pieces together.  The ring was then cast, using the lost wax process, then pave set with small round diamonds. Challenge met!

14kt White and Yellow Gold Diamond Anniversary Pendant

Anniversary Pendant
A portion of the track mechanism is visible just below the bail
Original sketch, diamond position later changed
This was one of my more challenging commissioned pieces from October 2016. One of my long time clients wanted a special pendant for his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary. He wanted to use both of their initials (N and Z), and to have a diamond set within a 14kt pendant of both white and yellow gold. The mechanics were challenging to design, as he wanted the letters of their initials to be able to be interchangeable by rotating. I came up with a design that would allow that interchangability by creating a track on the back of the pendant, in which the bail is able to change positions, which in turn rotates the whole pendant, and gives the impression of the “Z” changing to an “N” and vise versa.