Black Opal and Sterling Silver Orchid Pendant

Large silver orchid pendant necklace with black opal
October birthstone – Opal!
You’ll feel like you’re in Hawaii with this large sterling silver orchid pendant.
The pear shaped black opal shines with the colors of the tropical Pacific ocean. Sold with an 18” box chain. Price $295.00 (Item N-91)

Sterling Silver Hummingbird and Plumeria Pendant

Sterling Silver Hawaiian plumaria flower and hummingbird necklace pendant

I’ve always loved watching hummingbirds flitt from flower to flower in our southern Californian garden, and the plumeria flower brings fond memories of vacation time in Hawaii. They have inspired me to make this whimsical Sterling Plumeria Pendant that can keep flying around your neck. I also have a pair of Sterling Hummingbird earrings that match this nicely. Pendant Price: $55 (chain sold seperately)

Make it a set…
The Sterling Silver hummingbird earrings are 30mm from top to bottom. They swing freely on posts to give the impression that they’re flying. I have made each so that they face opposite one another.  Earrings Price: $50.00
Customize it…
There’s always the option to customize an existing piece when you’re in contact with a custom jeweler. Maybe you’d like me to set a diamond in the middle of the plumaria or for the eye of the hummingbird? Or a birthstone? You can find my contact details in the menu here: Contact
Hummingbird and plumaria necklace and earrings in Sterling Silver