Sterling Silver and Blue Moonstone Cuttlebone Pendant

Embrace the outdoors

What do you see? I see a tranquil outdoor mountain range with a shimmering blue lake nestled below…

Blue Moonstone pendant

Check out this gorgeous blue moonstone set in a sterling silver pendant. The texture of the cuttlebone casting really frames the stone well.

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14 kt Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver Sundial Pendant

gold and silver pendant rotating bal and sail sundial
Spinning Astral impressioNS
The half arch Sterling Silver piece is studded with 14 kt Yellow Gold and swings around a pierced-out golden rotating orb, making a very kinetic pendant. To me, it  gives the impression of a sun dial or of a planet spinning on it’s axis, with the spinning sphere and it’s arch that moves from left to right. Price $180.

Student Testimonial – Christine Panushka

As you may know, Kimberly teaches Jewelry Fabrication at the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre. One of her long time students has generously given a testimonial of Kimberly’s class:

I love making things. Creating jewelry is an extension of my art and experimental animation practice. My work explores stillness within movement, the significance of small gestures and non-verbal ideas related to the body, life cycles, emotional and spiritual states of being. My films have screened at numerous international film festivals and museums. In addition, I am a Full Professor in the John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Titled “Midnight,” this piece is sterling silver, with a beautiful sodalite cabochon. I used two cuttlebone castings to make the figure and the bail. I think of the cat-like creature as an ancestor, riding high in the sky above us, watching.

Kimberly is an exceptional and patient teacher. I have been taking her classes for many years and will continue to do so as long as I can. I love our class, making and learning about silver fabrication.

Christine Panushka, 2020

natural silver pendant with sodalite cabuchon
Student piece: “Midnight”, Sterling silver and sodalite cabochon pendant


Sterling Silver Indian Moss Agate and Citrine Pendant

Turn up the heat this summer with this striking pendant. Indian Moss agate is my favorite semi-precious gemstone, and what better way to accentuate it then with a cuttle bone casting silver accent? This piece has an tourmaline bead riveted to the top of a sterling decoration and a rich looking orange pear shaped faceted citrine hanging below. Price $245.

Tourmaline, citrine and large oval Indian Moss Agate pendant

Sterling Silver and Tigereye Hide Away Box Pendant

Yo HO Yo HO… a pirates life for meeee!

This commissioned piece is a good example of how existing jewelry can be turned into something new! My customer had a large green tigereye stone ring that broke at the shank. We came up with a fun solution to use the stone as the centerpiece for a sterling silver box pendant, that could open up! When opened, the hinge allows the pendant to reveal a small space. It’s perfect for hiding secret pirate treasure!

We even added a skull and cross bone design to where the secret box snaps shut, completing the pirate design.

Hmmm, I guess it’s Yo HO Yo HO, a pirates life for Ron!


Show Stopper Sterling Silver, Moorsinite, and Yellow Citrine Pendant

Moorsinite stone elegantly balanced with a citrine

Elegant balance achieves show-stoping beauty…

Ribbons of silver gently accentuate the curves of this triangular moorsinite stone. A citrine balances in the corner, tantilizing the movement of your eye.

I bezel set this shield style Moorsinite stone and surrounded it with a curling ribbon of sterling silver. I accented the corner of the piece with a pear shaped yellow citrine for off balance charm.

Priced at $350. Unsurprisingly, this show stopper found a home very quickly and is SOLD.

While this piece has SOLD, we can always design a similar one together! Contact me!