Sterling Silver and Turquoise Ring

Part of my Pebbles in a Stream series

Take home a ring today from my Pebbles in a Stream series.

Turquoise is so beautiful! The sterling silver with the powder blue is such a great combination!

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14kt White Gold Bypass Wedding Ring

This tricky commissioned piece was a compliment to an existing engagement ring. The challenge was to make a wedding ring that would match a bypass ring band, as opposed to a normal round band.

The first step was to make a wax model that wrapped around on opposite sides of the existing ring. My solution was to make a bar at the base to hold the two pieces together.  The ring was then cast, using the lost wax process, then pave set with small round diamonds. Challenge met!

Sterling Silver and Heart Shaped Fire Opal Everlasting Protection Ring

Firey heart shaped opal set in the hands of love, the claudaugh.

Opals – A kaleidoscope of colors!

Opals, the birthstone for October, can be worn any time of the year. This sterling silver pinky ring (size 4 3/4) has two hands clasping a lively 5.5mm Fire Opal heart between them for everlasting protection. This ancient traditional design from the British Isles, the claudaugh, brings the power of years of tradition to it’s symbolism. Priced at $90 (Item R-55).

Sterling Silver and Exotic Gemstone Ring

Keep a token of your loved ones close. Stones of significance, or purely for the sake of beauty? It’s up to you!

I have made many birthstone rings to represent children, significant others, or grandchildren throughout my 40+ years of experience.

This stylish sterling silver ring shines and frames each 973mm faceted gemstone gracefully: yellow citrine, orange garnet, pink sapphire, blue topaz and blue Ceylon sapphire.

Sterling Silver and Exotic Gemstone Ring.
Priced at $250.