Commission – Opal and Diamond Wedding Ring

Solitaire opal and gold ring, FrontSolitaire opal and gold ring, Side
Wedding rings can come in all shapes and sizes
A young couple came to me with this beautiful black opal to set as a wedding ring. I bezel set two small diamonds on the band of the ring to compliment the colors moving in the stone. The result is a thing of beauty!
Delicate beauty
Opals, in all their firey beauty, are surprisingly delicate. They measure from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale so they can be easily scratched by metal and glass. I advised them how fragile opals are, but the beauty outweighed the risk. As a preventative measure, she will be wearing a chain to hang it around her neck when doing heavy work.
Do you have any ideas for creating a special ring? Perhaps you’d like to reuse a family heirloom and combine it with new accents, or we could start from scratch and order pieces to put together in a unique way? Let’s get in touch!

Commission – 14kt Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding Set

His and hers yellow gold and diamond wedding rings

His and Hers

What better way to tie the marital knot than with a 14kt yellow gold and diamond wedding set?

Hers– This customer chose a stunning oval brilliant 1 ct. diamond engagement ring and a fancy wedding band with diamonds set in a stylish alternating curved pattern.

His– For the man, a polished band with a comfort fit. What is comfort fit? The inside of the ring is curved so the ring feels smaller and is less noticeable to the wearer. Shoot me an email and I’ll explain more.


Commission – Black Pearl and Diamond White Gold Pendant

Black pearl and diamond gold necklace
Watching Pirates of the Carribean for Halloween?

Hearing about the Black Pearl reminded me of this pendant that I made as a gift for my daughter. I set a small diamond in a white gold v-bail above a beautiful black pearl. It hangs nicely in the above photo on a box chain (kink resistant and good for traveling). It paired very nicely with a pair of black pearl stud earrings.

Interested in a similar project for someone with a birthday coming up? Send me an email (click here).

Stackable Silver Rings with October birthstone – Tourmaline

Another October birthstone – Precious Tourmaline

Precious Tourmaline is also the birthstone for October!  So many colors to choose from! These are stackable rings.

Green tourmaline silver ring that is stackable
This 4 mm green cab Tourmaline is set in a sterling silver bezel on a textured band. The ring is to the far right in this photo. I have stacked it with other smaller band rings that are also available for purchase (sold seperately, inquire for price). Price $80 (Item R-64)
Stackable ring with pink tourmaline set in gold, on a silver ring
This 4.5 mm pink cab Tourmaline is set in a 14kt. yellow gold bezel with a sterling textured band (also called a shank). Seen in picture between two gold bands, which are also for sale seperately (inquire for price). Price $185 (Item R-63)
Let me know if you would like more photos. Contact me via email.

Black Opal and Sterling Silver Orchid Pendant

Large silver orchid pendant necklace with black opal
October birthstone – Opal!
You’ll feel like you’re in Hawaii with this large sterling silver orchid pendant.
The pear shaped black opal shines with the colors of the tropical Pacific ocean. Sold with an 18” box chain. Price $295.00 (Item N-91)

Black Star Sapphire and Sterling Silver Dragon Shield Pendant

Game of Thrones inspired Black Star Sapphire and Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace

Do you see the glint of a dragon’s eye?

The oval Black Star Sapphire in the center of this shield pendant sparkles back at the viewer from the middle of the cuttle bone cast shield. As you can guess, this pendant was inspired by the Game of Thrones! It has a very nice Sterling weight, almost 9 grams of silver! The oval Black Star Sapphire is set horizontally and has a very nice shine (let me know if you would like more photos). Price: $185 (Item N-107)

Reflective Gold Inlay and Sterling Silver Triangle Pendant

 gold inlay and sterling silver triangle necklace
Made of very highly polished Sterling silver, this piece reflects all the colors around it!

As you may know, I teach Jewelry fabrication. I created this piece to demonstrate to my students how to inlay gold wire into a flat surface, and it turned out wonderfully.

There are several 14kt gold accents in this pieces. The bail has lovely gold swirls that match the flow of the design in the middle. I have set 14 kt. balls on each lower corner of the piece, as well as a gold accent at the base. Price: $165 (Item N- 110)

Contact me here to get more information about this piece or my jewelry classes.

Carnelian Cabochon Sterling Silver Gingko Pendant

Red carnelian cabochon stone and silver gingko tree leaves necklace pendant
Some fossils of the gingko tree date back 270 million years

This Sterling silver pendant swings like the falling leaves of the ancient gingko tree. Gingko trees have always been surrounded by lore and are often assosiated with longevity. You can even read more about what Botanist Peter Crane has to say to Yale Magazine about Gingko trees here.  In this pendant I have chosen to set a 7 mm round Carnelian cab in a Sterling bezel on top of the gingko leaves to shine with the color of late summer. Sold with an 18” Sterling snake chain. Price: $ 140 (Item N-106)

Zoom in on Red carnelian cabochon stone and silver gingko tree leaves necklace pendant